Conquer Online
Classic Server
Server Launched May 3rd


Smuggler's Request (Daily Quest)

  1. Seek out Smuggler in TwinCity at coordinates (455, 369).
  2. Smuggler will whisper a clandestine task for you: procure an item of great value.
  3. You need to find an Unique, Elite or Super item.
  4. The item's worth is reflected in its quality. The better the item, the greater the reward in experience points.
  5. Once you've obtained the item, return to Smuggler to exchange it for a handsome amount of experience points.

Spartan Weapons (Daily Quest)

  1. Pay a visit to SpartanBlacksmith in TwinCity at coordinates (455, 375).
  2. SpartanBlacksmith has a task for you: mine a Stone from any available mine.
  3. Two types of Stones are available: CeramicStone (small) and MajestyStone (large).
  4. Keep in mind that the CeramicStone and MajestyStone yield different experience rewards upon completion of the task.
  5. Once you successfully mine a Stone, return to SpartanBlacksmith, and he will generously reward you with valuable experience points.

Xerxes (Daily Quest)

  1. Journey to TwinCity and seek out Xerxes at coordinates (455, 381).
  2. Xerxes will entrust you with a mission to eliminate 2 Kings.
  3. Once you have successfully completed the task by defeating the Kings, return to Xerxes for a well-deserved experience reward.

Alexander (Daily Quest)

  1. Visit Alexander in TwinCity at coordinates (455, 387).
  2. Alexander will assign you a task to procure a Perfume for him.
  3. Embark on a search for the PerfumeSeller, exploring TwinCity, PhoenixCastle, ApeCity, DesertCity, and BirdIsland.
  4. Exercise caution, as the PerfumeSeller changes location every 30 minutes.
  5. Find him, talk to him to obtain the Perfume, and then return to Alexander for a rewarding experience.

Deserted Quest

  1. While on a hunt, there's a chance to find an InvitationLetter.
  2. Once you find the InvitationLetter, head to TwinCity and visit DesertCrow (448, 361).
  3. Hand over the item to DesertCrow and he will then send you to a map where you must eliminate 15,000 mobs.
  4. After successfully defeating the mobs, you will be automatically teleported back to TwinCity.
  5. Return to the NPC to claim your reward.

Egg Quest

  1. While on a hunt, keep an eye out for Red or Green Eggs.
  2. Visit the EggOfficer in TwinCity to exchange the found eggs for rewards.
  3. Note that Red Eggs offer better rewards compared to Green Eggs.
  4. Additionally, during your hunt, you may come across an EggPacket. Right-click on the item to open it and receive a random number of eggs, based on your luck.

Flowers Quest

  1. While on a hunt, keep an eye out for Flowers.
  2. Collect these Flowers and head to TwinCity.
  3. Visit Andrea and exchange the Flowers for Flower Points.
  4. Accumulate Flower Points to purchase various items available in Andrea's inventory.

DisCity Quest

  1. Journey to ApeCity and find SolarSaint.
  2. SolarSaint will teleport you to a map where you must defeat mobs to find SoulStones.
  3. Collect 5 SoulStones to progress to stage 2.
  4. Locate SolarSaint in the same map to advance to stage 2.
  5. In stage 2, defeat a specific number of mobs based on your character's class.
  6. After eliminating all mobs, find SolarSaint in the map to choose between right or left flank.
  7. SolarSaint will teleport you to stage 3, where you'll face a total of 78 mobs in 13 spawns of 6 mobs each.
  8. Progress to stage 4 by defeating a minimum of 66 mobs simultaneously.
  9. In the final stage, eliminate Syrens and Pluto will spawn.
  10. Defeat Pluto to obtain a DarkHorn.
  11. Return the DarkHorn to SolarSaint in the specific map.
  12. SolarSaint will reward you with a sword.
  13. Take the sword back to SolarSaint in ApeCity for your final reward.

CelestialStone Quest

  1. Gather the required materials for crafting a CelestialStone.
    • Obtain 7 different normal gems: DragonGem, PhoenixGem, RainbowGem, VioletGem, MoonGem, FuryGem, and KylinGem.
    • Acquire a CleanWater for the crafting process.
  2. Venture into TwinCity and search for Celestine.
  3. Upon locating Celestine, use the gathered materials to craft the CelestialStone.

MoonBox Quest

  1. Find Fortuneteller. If you are level 70 or above and seeking a challenge, he can teleport you to the entrance of the Eight-Diagram Tactics.
  2. Speak to Maggie at the entrance to hear the stories. She will teleport you randomly into one of the eight tactics, excluding the Life Tactic. The available tactics are Peace, Chaos, Deserted, Prosperous, Disturbed, Calmed, Death, and Life Tactic.
  3. Once inside a tactic, the specific one remains unknown. Kill monsters within the tactic to obtain a token. Talk to Guardian God with the token, and he will reveal the tactic's name along with the token name.
  4. Take note of the information and ask Ghost to teleport you out. After speaking to Maggie again, she will teleport you to another tactic randomly.
  5. Repeat the process until you gather tokens for Peace, Chaos, Deserted, Prosperous, Disturbed, and Calmed (collecting six tokens in total).
  6. If you get teleported to the Death tactic, Guardian God and Ghost will inform you. Without all six tokens, you're trapped until your demise (beware of item loss upon death; logging off will result in respawning at the same spot).
  7. After collecting all six tokens, Maggie might teleport you to the Death Tactic. Speak to the Ghost, who can craft a Soul Jade from your tokens and teleport you to the Life Tactic.
  8. Locate the Lonely Ghost in the Life Tactic. If you agree to help him get reborn, he will reward you with a MoonBox. The choice is yours. Refusing to help will result in the loss of your Soul Jade, teleporting you out with no reward. Exercise caution in your decision-making.

First Reborn Quest

  1. Achieve a minimum level of 110 for Water class or 120 for other classes to qualify for the first reborn.
  2. Get promoted to level 110 and acquire a CelestialStone.
  3. Head to the market at Eternity and exchange the CelestialStone.
  4. At Eternity, choose the desired reborn class and select a super gem for your character.
  5. Upon reborn, all the gear currently equipped will be downgraded to a low-level status.

Second Reborn Quest

  1. Speak to Alex in ApeCity to start the quest. He will teleport you to the quest area.
  2. Hunt for Mosses, Dream Grasses, and Soul Aromas. Collect 117 of each item.
  3. Head to the Earth Seal (444,878), click it to summon the Hill Monster using a Moss, Dream Grass, and Soul Aroma. Defeat the monster solo to obtain a Ghost Horn. Collect at least 3 Ghost Horns while being cautious of potential killers and stealers.
  4. Find Arthur (607, 637) and exchange 3 Ghost Horns for an Evil Tooth.
  5. Go to the Water Seal (883,447), summon and defeat the Swift Devil using an Evil Tooth, Moss, Dream Grass, and Soul Aroma. Obtain a Feather Stone. Repeat this step until you have 3 Feather Stones.
  6. Hand 3 Feather Stones to Arthur, and he will craft an Immortal Stone for you.
  7. Take the Immortal Stone, Moss, Dream Grass, and Soul Aroma to the Fire Seal (920,929). Summon and defeat Banshee to obtain a Vigor Fragment.
  8. Give Arthur 3 Vigor Fragments to obtain an Impure Vigor.
  9. Place the Impure Vigor into the Cleansing Stove (715,744) to summon the Cleansing Devil. Defeat it to receive a Pure Vigor.
  10. Repeat steps 1-9 until you obtain 3 Pure Vigors to finish the first stage.
  11. Talk to Bryan (609,633). You will be tasked with killing monsters to reduce the height of the 40,000-meter Mountain of Grievance. Most monsters contribute 1 meter, but monsters of different colors contribute 6 meters. Rare monsters may contribute 20 or even 500 meters.
  12. Speak to Angela (611,638). You will be required to sequentially kill Andrew, Peter, Philip, Timothy, Daphne, Victoria, Wayne, and Theodore in one round. Repeat this process for 9 rounds.
  13. After completing the rounds, return to Angela and receive a Squama Bead.
  14. Use the Squama Bead to summon and defeat Satan, Beast Satan, and Fury Satan, one after another.